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December 20, 2009

Getting Started with Social Media Marketing: Look Before You Leap

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For small business owners ready to get started with online social media marketing, it’s important to remember the benefits of going slow at first, so you can go fast later.  For owners and entrepreneurs used to moving at a fast pace, this can be a challenge.  Still, it’s important to understand the intricacies of each of the different platforms before moving forward. 

There is so much to learn about Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, especially in a business context. While it is tempting to just get started, a trial-and-error approach ends up being  time consuming and rarely produces good results. With a little bit of guidance, you can accomplish a lot more.  I found this out personally when I first got started. I had the good fortune of attending a social media workshop and was able to accomplish more in a one-day session than I had in the previous four months.

Successful people use personal trainers, get advice on investing, and seek out mentors.  Use the same approach when you’re getting ready to use social media. The amount of help could range from a one-day class, a guided three-month launch, or an all-inclusive program. A good coach or consultant will get you started on the right foot by educating you throughout the process.

Successful small business owners know that this is the time to take the social media plunge.  Just make sure you get some help before you jump into the deep end of the pool.  A social media consultant will help you learn more to get maximum results.  In the long run, you’ll save time too!


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  1. agree with the post. I’d also suggest small businesses finding where your audience is, and what content will motivate them. This is an interesting interview I did with Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago about how to determined which social media tools to use in their social media programs. Their methodlogy can be applied to other businesses.

    Happy Holidays

    Comment by Albert Maruggi — December 20, 2009 @ 3:59 am | Reply

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