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December 24, 2009

Don’t Give Out Fruitcake on Your Small Business Blog

Filed under: Blogging — Robin Witt @ 4:38 pm

Good blogs and good gifts have common qualities.Gifts are a big part of the holiday season. Some gifts are personal, thoughtful, and just what you needed, while others are exactly the opposite.  My grandmother routinely gave me an itchy and ill-fitting sweater while my favorite aunt seemed to find something really special that I hadn’t even thought of. This got me thinking. What is the difference between gifts that are highly prized and ones that are destined for re-gifting? When I listed the qualities, I noticed the same could be said for blogs. So what do good gifts and good blogs have in common?

They are focused more on the receiver than the giver or writer. A cherished gift is personal and just what the receiver wanted. A valuable business blog is customer-focused, rather than product or writer focused. It’s not an advertisement, but rather information that is valuable and interesting to your clients and customers.

They anticipate the needs or desires of the receiver. A good gift giver finds something for you that you didn’t even know you wanted.  A good business blog writer does the same. For example, a potential customer might be considering doing a mail piece for their business and you are a provider of printing services. Instead of writing about your business, the quality of the paper, or how fast and accurate you are, write a blog on 10 ways to use direct mail more effectively.

 A good gift creates an enduring memory. It’s the thought that counts. Gifts given with little thought are quickly forgotten.  In contrast, when a gift or blog site is found to be valuable, not only is it used and enjoyed at the moment, but it is saved, remembered, and passed on to others. Good blogs, like good gifts, bring a smile to the face of readers.

This season show people you care about them and that you are thinking of them.  Take the time to choose thoughtful gifts that focus on them and what they most want. When someone gives you something that is of value, whether it is a gift or information, you think highly of them.


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