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March 8, 2010

Don’t Forget These Three Marketing Ingredients for Small Business Success

Filed under: Marketing — Robin Witt @ 12:35 pm

Don't forget these important marketing ingredients for small business.Yesterday I was making one of my favorite recipes.  It’s a homemade version of the lettuce wraps with spicy ground chicken made famous by P.F. Chang’s China Bistro. When I needed to leave unexpectedly, my husband offered to finish it up.  (That’s a first, but more about that at a later time.) When I got back from my errand, he said, “I did what you said, but something is missing.”

After looking back over his steps, we figured out that he forgot to add one of the ingredients.  Once we added it into the mix, it made all the difference. We were both surprised by the impact that this one small ingredient had on the overall dish.  (By the way, the missing ingredient was ginger.) This got me thinking about business and specifically, about marketing.  Is there a missing ingredient that could make all the difference in your business? Here are three powerful, but often overlooked, ingredients to consider:

The Customer—Keep the customer in mind in all of your marketing messaging. I know this sounds elementary, but it is easy to get off track and think in terms of our own interests instead of the customer.  For example, some people get wrapped up in the visual esthetics of their website and become more interested in that than if the website is easy for the customer to navigate.

Anxiety—Marketing is all about creating anxiety. Shocking? It shouldn’t be.  In marketing, anxiety serves two purposes; first it gives the customer a reason to take action and second, it creates urgency.  Make sure it is clear what the customer will miss out on if they do not get your product or service.

Exciting Offer—Once you have created anxiety, the next step is to present a clear solution, otherwise known as the “irresistible offer.” Show how your product or service will solve the customer’s problem and make their life better.  

That’s it.  Three success ingredients that will increase your chances of attracting and retaining customers.

PS: Don’t forget to ask for the sale.


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