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April 17, 2010

3 Journalism Tips for Writing a Better Business Blog

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Many of the same foundation principles apply to writing bogs for your small business. Although the style of writing a blog for your business is different than writing a traditional news story, they both share the goal of communicating important information. To make sure you are writing clearly and with purpose it is a good idea to have a checklist of key questions to use as a guide. In journalism these are known as the five W’s: Who, What, Where, When, and Why.  Using that same idea, here are three essential questions to keep in mind when writing your business blog:

Who am I writing for?  The answer to this question is your customer, of course. It’s funny how easy it is to get off track on this one and write about what is of interest to us or our peers. Remember to keep your ideal customer in mind at all times and write in a manner that makes sense to them by avoiding “insider” jargon.

Why is it important?  Share information that will help your customers with their issues. Answer the question, “Why should my customers care?” Also, be sure to write about what will happen if they don’t adopt what you are proposing.  

What do you want them to do next? Put action into your writing by sharing tips with your readers on how to get started or how to get more information. After all, what is the point of information if it doesn’t change what you are doing or the results you will get?

Writing a business blog is an effective way to position yourself as a trusted expert in the eyes of your customers.  By answering the three essential W’s for business blogging you will ensure your content is appealing and helpful to your target client.

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