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March 30, 2010

Small Business Blogs: Make Your’s a Tiny Treat

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Blogs are like tiny candy treats.Creating too much of a good thing is one of the mistakes I see small business owners make when they start writing blogs for their business. In their eagerness to provide good information for prospective clients, they often go overboard with content. While more can be better in some cases, with business blogs you’ll be more successful if you portion out your information as a small bag of M&Ms rather than the whole candy store. By “fun-sizing” your blog entries you’ll keep readers interested and wanting more.  Here are three tips to get started:

Limit your blog posts to 500 words. Make your entries the right size. A small size is not less delicious than a bigger size; it is just easier to consume. If you really can’t cut it down to less than 500 words you probably have enough information for more than one post. The good news is longer posts can be made into a series which is a great way to get return readers. 

Be fun and creative.  Readers want important and useful information, but they also want to be entertained.  Make your entries delicious with a dash of personality. Also, don’t forget to use pictures. Many times the right picture can say more than words alone.  

Make your entries easy to consume. Get to the point in your writing.  Ask yourself, “What am I trying to say and why should anyone care?” Also, make the key thoughts easier to identify by breaking up text with bullet points and numbered lists when appropriate. After reading your post the reader should be able to easily tell someone else what it was about.

Business blogs are a great way to show your expertise to new and existing clients. Just keep it short, sweet, and to the point to invite readers back for another piece the next day.


January 27, 2010

To Attract Customers Set Your Marketing GPS on Multiple Locations

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Marketing GPS to Attract CustomersAttracting and retaining customers is important to the success of every business. When talking with other business owners, I have found that many of us are spending more time on marketing than ever before. One important step to consider before coming up with a marketing strategy is to ask yourself two elementary, but powerful questions:

Who is my ideal customer and where are they in terms of knowledge of my business and readiness to buy?

What you will find is that customers are in one of three places. To be successful it is important to design your marketing strategy to be able to reach potential customers in each of these areas.

In the Driver’s Seat–This customer has an immediate need and a clear sense about what type of product or service would be the solution. This is a person who is ready to buy and is actively looking for a vendor or service provider. Who they decide to ultimately do business with is usually determined by an online search, a quick look in the phonebook, or an ad in the newspaper featuring a current promotion on the item or service they are looking for.

Kicking the Tires—This customer is not ready to buy today, but somewhere down the road they will be making a purchase. For this customer, there might be a nagging problem or something they would like to upgrade someday but the immediate need is not there yet. Possible examples could include new marketing software, home remodeling, or even a hobby. At this level of readiness, it is all about being able to find out more by researching, learning, and engaging. In this category, the company with the most interesting and easy-to-find content wins.

Enjoying the Ride–This customer feels that they have everything they need for the present and immediate future. Life is good and they don’t feel any need for a product or service right now. They have a new pet, but they haven’t thought about veterinarian services. They have a newborn, but they are not thinking about preschool or orthodontics. At this level of readiness it is about meeting the customer where they are at.  Instead of talking solutions or products, open up a conversation about enjoying life to the fullest by exploring possibilities.

Each of these three categories presents opportunities for potential customers to get to know your business, whether it is an easy to access website, an informative blog, or just friendly conversation on Twitter. Make sure that you have something to offer each type of customer. The objective is get in front of them before they have a need, so when they are ready to buy, you are the obvious choice.

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