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April 28, 2010

San Diego Women’s Week: Trail Blazers Share Lessons for Business and Life

San Diego Women's WeekI attended the final day of San Diego’s first Women’s Week this weekend. The event featured nearly 30 speakers including Gayle Wilson, the former first lady of California; U.S. Attorney Karen Hewitt; TAG founder Alicia Gwynn, wife of San Diego Padre legend Tony Gwynn; retired White House physician Dr. Connie Mariano; and entrepreneur Ingrid Croce, wife of the late singer-songwriter Jim Croce, who’s operated Croce’s Restaurant & Jazz Bar in San Diego’s Gaslamp District for 25 years.

Hundreds of women in leadership roles across all organizations and industries, participated in the inaugural event designed to inspire, empower and connect women executives, managers, and professionals. Discussion topics changed daily and included health, fitness, finance, law, retail, fashion, business, the arts and entrepreneurship.

On the day I attended the themes were careers, business, and entrepreneurial spirit and featured women speakers who have been and are pioneers in their industries, competing in male-dominated industries and overcoming immense obstacles to achieve their goals. Their stories were funny, heartfelt, and inspiring. For those of you who were not able to attend this year’s event, here are some of my favorite words of wisdom.  See how many of these resonate with you, the way they did for me.

Gayle Wilson Former First Lady, California: “Set your sights and standards high and don’t lower them for anyone.”  

Barbara Noerenberg VP Corporate Research and Development, Qualcomm, Inc: “Dream big and be fearless!”

Jayne Hancock VP Flo TV, Qualcomm, Inc: “Have perspective. It keeps you balanced and grounded.”

Tina Mickelson PGA Golf Professional and sister of Masters Champion Phil Michelson: “Find humor in your mistakes because many times mistakes can take you to a place you wouldn’t have gotten to without them.”

Ingrid Croce Owner Croce’s Restaurant and Jazz Bar: “One thing I learned is whether you plan it all out, or just make it up as you go along like I did, you can never do it alone.  You really need others.”

Kim Moses Executive Producer, director, and writer, Ghost Whisperer: “Live in the place you want, be with the people you love, do the right work; on purpose, and break some rules along the way.”

Jill Lieber Steeg The first women in the history of Sports Illustrated to cover professional sports. Also broke Pete Rose gambling story: “When doors open, even if you are not ready, you have got to walk through them because they might not open again.”

As you can imagine, it was an inspiring day. Be sure to look for it again here in San Diego next year.  And look for me too–next year I’m going for the full week!


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