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April 6, 2010

Don’t Let Your Social Media Sites Become Ghost Towns

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Socieal media sites can become ghost town without proper attention. No  fans or followers on your small business social media sites?  As a consultant I hear this complaint many times. There seems to be a misconception that if you put up a site, you don’t need to put any more effort into it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Creating a Facebook fan page or new Twitter account is just the first step.  To be successful long term, it’s important to avoid these three common mistakes.

Mistake #1—No goals. What is your desired outcome?  If you don’t know what you want out of your social media marketing, there is a very good chance you will fail. Like other forms of marketing, it requires clear goals, good strategy, and consistent effort to be successful.

Mistake #2—No plans.  Writing tweets, updates, and blogs all take time. It’s important to identify who is going to do it, when they are going to do it, and how much time they will devote to each activity. Planning this out ahead of time will save you heartache in the long run.

Mistake #3—No value. All the content you post should be aimed at your target audience. This is not about your interests, it is about attracting potential customers. With that said, does that mean you have to stifle your personality? Absolutley not, that is what makes you unique and real. You are not a robot after all! Just make sure you stay on message by keeping your ideal client in mind at all times.  

It is tempting to want to rush into social media because of the opportunities it offers small businesses.  Make sure you have clear goals, a well-thought out implementation plan, and a sense of what would be interesting to your clients before you begin.  If you fail to address these three areas your sites might end up being empty, lifeless ghost towns, instead of the vibrant communities they should be.


January 19, 2010

Fall in Love with Carbonita Detail

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Starting a new company is risky business even in the healthiest of economies. So when two ordinary guys in Southern California came up with the idea to start Carbonita, a new auto-detailing company, they knew they would have to do something remarkable if they hoped to be successful.

The plan was to get the word out about the new company in the shortest amount of time by using multiple marketing channels, This strategy included traditional marketing; such as going door-to-door and performing a few services for free. In addition to the usual promotions, Carbonita also got active in social media. This winning combination helped Carbonita go from doing two details the first week, to more than 100 in only six weeks. While the company is still in the beginning stages, entrepreneurs can learn from Carbonita’s strategy.

Marketing Lessons from Carbonita

Be an expert. There is not a shortage of car detailers who have a bucket and want to make a buck, but that does not mean they understand the science of car paint finishes. Carbonita demonstrates their expertise by being certified and educating clients. In addition, they post tips and updated information on their company blog. Recent blog topics include why I need auto detailing in the first place and why bugs are bad for your car.

Stand out from the crowd. Carbonita uses an eco-friendly approach to auto-detailing. The entire process uses less than a pint of water to completely wash the average car and all of the cleaning materials are biodegradable. They also use super fuel-efficient Smart Cars to drive out to customer locations instead of the usual gas-guzzling trucks most competitors use.

Connect with the customer. One of the social media platforms Carbonita has been most successful with is Twitter. Because of Twitter’s ability to engage in two-way conversations with prospective customers, more people have found out about the service and have been willing to give Carbonita a try. They also use Twitter’s real time capabilities to answers questions.

By using multiple marketing channels, engaging in conversations, and most importantly, delivering remarkable results, Carbonita have been able to ramp up sales in a short amount of time. This has also given them the opportunity to live their company philosophy: to remind people why they fell in love with their car in the first place.

For more information on Carbonita, visit their Website or follow them on Twitter.

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